Полностью автоматизированный процесс фасовки
From the moment when raw materials are fed into the hopper till the moment when product multi-packs leave the packaging line, the “human factor” is almost non-existent. An operator checks bag weight, integrity and geometry of seals, and correctness of variable data printing. If there are any non-conformances, the line can be stopped for adjustments.
Modern packaging technologies
The quality of raw materials is further improved through the use of filtering screens, magnetic traps, size separation and dust separation. Multi-heads ensure fast and accurate weighing and exclude any factors that could influence the process.
When raw materials enter the industrial warehouse, a certified laboratory performs all necessary analyses and authorizes materials unloading in the warehouse.

Preparation of raw materials takes place outside of production facilities and consists in dusting the sacks and making sure that they are intact and there are no foreign objects. The prepared raw materials are delivered to the packaging line hopper.

A warehouse worker checks the sacks with raw materials for integrity and absence of foreign objects before sending them to the production line.

A laboratory worker checks whether the batch number and variety printed on the sacks correspond to those specified in the production plan.

A packaging line worker opens the sacks, checks the quality and organoleptic properties of the raw material and makes sure that there are no foreign objects.
All packaging lines are equipped with filter screens, through which the raw material enters the packaging line. All foreign objects are filtered out by the screens. A packaging line worker visually checks the quality of material, tests its organoleptic properties, and makes sure that there are no foreign objects.

Once inside the hopper, the material passes through a system of magnetic traps which remove any metallic impurities that might be present in the grain.

A packaging line operator regularly weighs the outgoing bags on a check weigher, checks that the bags are intact and properly sealed and that the variable data are printed correctly.
A packaging line worker at the end of the packaging line checks the integrity of multi-packs and stacks them on palettes. The palettes are then transported to the finished product warehouse
The raw material is automatically packed in bags to a predefined weight. Several bags form a multi-pack.
Процесс хранения сырья
Laboratory workers continually monitor the quality of raw materials and the storage conditions in the finished products warehouse, recording the monitoring results in special logs. They also inspect vehicles carrying finished products and issue shipment authorizations.
Loading of vehicles
The process of vehicle loading is captured on photo and video. Photos can be provided on the buyer’s request.
Additional control
A team of inspectors perform regular production line rounds and check product quality at all stages of the packaging process. Shift supervisors also perform periodic control of products.

The results of inspections are recorded in special check lists, which are maintained for each production line. Packaging line operators empty magnetic traps every shift and laboratory workers weigh the separated metallic impurities and check their content in the packaged products.
Internal audits
The company’s quality management system includes regular internal audits. Internal audits serve to verify the proper operation of all production facilities, check product quality at all process stages and correct minor non-conformances.
Independent audits of production facilities
In order to maintain cooperation with an international or a large federal retailer, the company’s production facilities must undergo regular independent audits. An independent audit is an inspection of the production and storage facilities involved in the manufacture, storage and shipment of products to a retailer. Such inspection is performed by an independent auditor, and its results are detailed in a comprehensive report which describes the quality management system used in the audited company. This report is presented to the retailer’s quality control department managers who then authorize product supplies from the inspected production facilities.
The safety and high quality of products are achieved through the use of viable and safe packaging materials which preserve all beneficial properties of products and are convenient for transportation.