Since customer's tastes vary considerably, this series includes both large and small flakes, and both classical and entirely new cereal mixes with a balanced blend of vitamins and minerals.
Oatmeal with oat bran
Oat flakes
Four Cereal Flakes with Wheat Bran
Buckwheat Flakes
Proso Millet and Rice Flakes
Five Cereal Flakes, small
Four Cereal Flakes, large
Four Cereal Flakes, small
Oat Flakes


Russian Breakfast™ porridges are delicious and healthy, and are quick and easy to make. Cereal flakes with at least 30% natural dried fruit will add variety to your breakfast. Porridges are free from artificial flavourings, colour additives and flavour enhancers, and contain only natural ingredients.
Mixed porridge
Four Cereal Porridge with Apples
Four Cereal Porridge with Apricots
Wheat Porridge with Pears

Cereals and grains

An absolutely new products in the russian market. Each package in the series combines the benefits of cereals and cereals. Does not contain flavors, dyes and flavor enhancers.
Energy and power
Health and recovery
Strong immunity
Weight balance