Healthy lifestyle НОВИНКА

Absolutely new mixtures for the market of the most healthy cereals, cereals, legumes, seeds and vegetables will provide adherents of a healthy lifestyle with the maximum amount of nutrients, complex carbohydrates and vegetable protein. Three product lines - Glycogen, Protein and Omega-3 - will help athletes and fitness enthusiasts diversify their diet within the key principles of proper nutrition and achieve their desired fitness.
Rice, Quinoa, Pumpkin
Bulgur, sesame seeds, hemp seeds
Brown rice, quinoa, flax seeds
Pea and Lentil Mix
Quinoa, vegetables, lentils
Quinoa Mix and Lentils
Green buckwheat, red quinoa
Brown rice, spelled, flax seeds
Bulgur, tomatoes, red quinoa


Rice is a staple food for more than half of the world's population, and an essential part of many national cuisines. Rice is known for its high nutritional value and compatibility with other food ingredients (such as meat, poultry, fish, seafood and vegetables). The National™ series of rice packed in standard 900 g or 1500 g polypropylene bags offers most popular varieties of rice catering to the tastes of a widest range of consumers. The high quality of raw materials, the eye-catching and recognizable packaging and the optimal price/quality ratio are what makes National™ rice products so famous and popular.
Gold of Thailand
Adriatica rice
Pilaf rice
Krasnodar rice
Selected rice
Golden rice
Jasmine rice
Health rice
Baldo rice

Cereals and grocery

This series includes invariably high-quality groats and sugar. Raw materials are carefully selected and procured from the best suppliers and pass multistage quality control in the company's own laboratory. During production, all impurities of the grain are removed by special equipment, and the resulting groats meet the requirements of international standards. Thanks to the above factors and the affordable price, our products are popular and in massive demand among consumers.
Buckwheat "Altai"
Barley pearl
Rolled oats
Wheat semolina
Proso millet groats
Peeled buckwheat
Buckwheat , export quality
Wheat cereal (crushed)
Peas, export quality
Sugar "For coffee"
Sugar "For tea"
Refined sugar


National™ legumes have been carefully sieved and sized. Additional processing allows to skip sorting peas and beans before cooking them, and guarantees uniform cooking times for peas and beans of the same size.
Mung beans
Red lentils
Green lentils
Arabian lentils
Marrone beans, sized
White beans, sized
Red beans, sized
chick-pea 10 mm
Yellow peas
Green peas


National™ confectionery series is a collection of products which will be of interest to all lovers of home baking, as well as to specialists in the HoReCa segment. These products can turn any baked good into a masterpiece and add festive spirit to an everyday meal.
Shredded coconut
Flaked almonds
Sesame seeds
Poppy seeds
Poppy seeds

National PREMIUM

National PREMIUM™ is a federal brand of rice owned by AFG National. The series features most famous high-end varieties of rice, which are popular around the world. The highest quality of raw materials and the premium design increase the product's shelf-appeal and attract lots of rice connoisseurs.
Wild and Brown rice mix
Golden and Wild rice mix
Risotto rice
Wild rice
Sushi rice
Jasmine rice
Basmati rice
For paella